1. What BIN number will be used?
Pharmacies will be notified of the BIN soon. Additionally, patients will be presenting their prescription benefits cards to your pharmacy with the BIN for adjudication.

2. What are the rates and terms, and will they be posted on the website like the email infers?
The rates and terms will be relayed to your pharmacy shortly and will also be available on the Pharmcentrix website soon.

3. Are you affiliated with a PSAO?
Pharmcentrix is not affiliated with any PSAO. Here at Pharmcentrix we are more interested in creating direct network contracts

4. Are mail order/closed door/specialty/infusion pharmacies eligible and will that be a different contract?
Yes, all pharmacies are eligible to participate, and it will be the same contract and rates for each pharmacy.

5. What geographical area does Pharmcentrix serve?
The entire United States.

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