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We at Pharmcentrix Health provide a value-based Prescription Benefit Management (PBM) service. The key to doing so is creating customized formularies that keep the patient population in mind. Our formulary is plan and patient oriented unlike other PBM’s which may be rebate driven.

A Totally Transparent Model (TTM), both the plans and pharmacies are aware of drug pricing in advance. We act as a true prescription processing company, charging fair market value fees based on the outcomes provided to plans or payors.

Whether you choose to enroll in our preferred mail order pharmacy or choose to pick up your medications at your neighborhood pharmacy, we ensure you and your family get your medications safely and promptly.


At Pharmcentrix Health, our mission is to provide a Totally Transparent Model (TTM) of prescription processing services that leverages clinical support and data analytics to provide value-based benefit services for plans and increase access to services for members.


At Pharmcentrix Health, our vision is to be the key thought leader in the PBM space by implementing innovative strategies that improve quality and enhance outcomes.


At Pharmcentrix Health, our goal is to create a mutual partnership, vested in the communities we serve.

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